New feature: Follow users, categories and posts

We are super excited to introduce the new feature we were working on for the last few weeks that was requested by many of our users.

You can now follow people, categories and posts on BlogIn.

This feature enables all users to have more control over the content they are interested in and make sure they get notified when such new content is published on the blog.

You can now follow any category, from the category page, to get notified when there is a new post published in that category.

You will receive an email notification as well as in-app notification if you are currently logged in.

In-app notification about new post

Similarly, you can follow any user from their profile page to get notified when he/she publishes a new post in any category.

You can also follow individual posts to get notified of new comments and replies to that post.

Follow individual posts to get notified of new comments and replies

By default, you automatically follow every post you create so you get notified when someone comments on your post. However, this default behavior can be changed in your profile settings.

Email Notifications settings on the profile page

Also when you comment on a post, you are automatically added as a follower of the post.

The Dashboard View

New, Dashboard view is located at the top of the sidebar on the left, just below the Home link. The dashboard shows only the posts from categories and users you follow.








We hope you will find this feature useful and enjoy it as much as we do.

As always, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments, we are here to help :)