How to connect BlogIn with Slack

You can integrate BlogIn with Slack using the RSS integration in Slack. There is RSS feed of all the posts on BlogIn in the footer of every page.

RSS feed of all posts, located in the footer of every page on BlogIn

There is also a separate RSS feed for each BlogIn Category located on top of the category page, next to the category name. 

RSS feed of posts from particular category, located on the category page on BlogIn

You can import that feed via RSS integration in Slack to get every newly published post on BlogIn (or only a post in a particular category) posted automatically to a Slack channel of your choice, with the title and the link to the post. Just copy the RSS feed URL from BlogIn and paste it into the Feed URL field when setting up RSS integration on Slack.

Setting up RSS integration in Slack

Since Slack is a real-time / team chat app, it is not suitable for long text formats, like a blog post. So when integrated with BlogIn, only the post title and a link to the original post on BlogIn will be published to a Slack channel. When a user clicks on that link, he/she will be transferred to BlogIn to read the post. That way, the post content preserves its original formatting and styles and resides on BlogIn in its original form.

The most commonly used scenario is to use Slack as an additional notification channel for BlogIn posts (besides email) and in a way as an archiving tool, which contains links to relevant posts in one Slack channel.