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How To Communicate And Build Integrity With A Professional Online Profile

A professional online profile is the best way to present yourself as a skilled worker with a broad range of expertise. Presenting this is important even if you are not actively seeking a new engagement and you are perfectly happy to stay at your present workplace, but wish to advance. Building a strong online presence in an intra-company context can help you advance your career. Your work and your general attitude towards your job will draw the attention of decision makers. 

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Everything You Should Know About Internal Company Surveys

Employee surveys are a convenient, time-efficient technique of gathering relevant information about various aspects of the company’s operations. They allow the management an insight into the overall condition of their workforce, their level of engagement, motivation, and satisfaction. They build trust between employees and management and provide a sense of involvement. Moreover, internal surveys can also check the employee pulse in crucial decision making. Here's what you should know about them.

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How Not Sharing Knowledge Affects Your Business

Knowledge is not a static field. It evolves and expands, adjusts to changing circumstances and finds answers to new questions. This is doubly true within the framework of a company. A company’s know-how is never a set of fixed procedures; it is expanding and building with each new challenge and constantly evolving with the industry. Theoretic knowledge only goes so far faced with practical circumstances, and unique solutions to specific problems build up over time into that most treasured commodity of an employee - practical experience.

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