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The Changing Face of Internal Communications: How To Keep Up And Stay Relevant

The nature and the means of internal communication have gone through significant changes over the course of the past few years, and they continue to evolve as technology is racing to provide companies with more effective solutions for information sharing. With the rise of remote teams and the ever-growing need for mobility, creating and curating channels of internal communication is becoming increasingly vital to the success of a business.

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How to Communicate a Team With a Big Generation Gap

The Introduction of new technologies and the possibility of managing cross-continental remote teams in one working day has led to an increasingly diverse environment in most workplaces - whether virtual or physical ones. But besides their nationality, race, and gender, employees can also be divided by their age, which is a problem quite common in large and middle-sized companies.

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How to Structure Information on a Company Wiki

Companies go about different ways of communicating essential work-related information. Some will employ the improvised “take it as it comes” approach, leaving it to the employees to ask directly for any necessary information and providing it on the fly. Others will bombard their employees with a never-ending torrent of emails, or unnecessary meetings for even the smallest universally applied detail. Smart companies, if you ask us, implement a company wiki - a shared information center that gathers all relevant work-related information and knowledge.

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How Can A Remote Team Benefit From The Internal Blog?

Finding the best communication tool for your internal teams can be a huge challenge. The team needs to stay connected and productive, and communication usually involves messaging platforms or emails. When it comes to internal communication in the remote team, the internal blog is a game changer. Learn why you should opt for the internal blog instead of other communication alternatives.

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Overcoming Time Zones: How to Organize a Global Remote Team

The technological developments of the past several decades have created an interconnected planet and fundamentally changed the nature of business in an overwhelming number of industries, giving rise to the emergence and continued growth of remote teams. Nowadays it is commonplace to see employees working in same companies across more time zones than can be counted on the fingers of both hands.

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Team Building Ideas for Remote Workers

Working remotely can get lonely at times. When team members are separated by geography, sitting alone behind their computers, it is easy to feel isolated. After all, their only connection to their colleagues is an internet connection. Now, the internet cannot compensate for physical proximity, but it does have a few tricks up its sleeve that allow you to try and create an engaging, inclusive, and fun environment for all remote team members.

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