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Share News With Your Team

Whether there are some new employees, new company partners or some great new contract you have, this is the best way to share those news with your team. A single post, with as many comments as you want, instead hundreds of emails and notifications.


Archive Company Expertise

When someone decides to change the company they’re working for, usually the biggest problem that’s left behind for a previous company is knowledge and experience they’re taking away with them.

Boost Company Culture

An internal communication through blog posts can connect employees across department lines. Build your internal blog community like every other community: fulfill their needs by regularly posting relevant and engaging content and watch as it becomes stronger.


Company Wiki

The Company Wiki becomes a repository of company knowledge that all employees can learn from. The more knowledgeable your employees are, the better they can perform their jobs, and that leads to better serving your customers and making the company more profitable.

Full content security

We take the safety of your private content very seriously. We will replicate your content across multiple locations and will perform regular backups, also all payments are handled through our authorized retailer, which is PCI Level 1 certified — the highest level certification possible.