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BlogIn Mission

BlogIn was created out of our own need for an internal tool that would improve knowledge sharing and information flow inside our team. We aimed for a simple and easy-to-use tool so that everyone can quickly get on board and get involved. We initially tried and experimented with different models and formats and ultimately chose the internal blog as the best format for our new tool.

5 years later, BlogIn is bringing teams across the world closer to each other. Its power lies in its flexible ability to host various types of rich content and media, as well as becoming an effective information hub that promotes a new, transparent, two-way communication inside an organization.


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Overall 4.6/5
Ease of Use 4.6/5
Customer Service 4.7/5
Featured Capterra reviews

“We absolutely love BlogIn. We use it to spread knowledge and facilitate brief team communications.”

Jason H.
Community Manager

“The best no fuss and purpose driven corporate blog platform available.”

Hubert O.
Technical Architect

“Blog In is a great platform for internal use. It is very user friendly!”

Gabriela V.
Communications Manager

“We've just made good experiences with Blogin. Very easy to use.”

Martin J.
Head of Operations

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