About BlogIn

BlogIn was created out of our own need for collaboration tool that's simple and fun to use, easy to set up, and that enables us to improve daily internal communication and information flow inside our team. BlogIn really excels at keeping all team members up-to-date on information that's important, but not enough for a meeting.

Internal blogging has never been easier

We tried to keep it as simple as possible: you have fully-hosted internal blog on your own custom domain, there’s no limit for team members, and you can create as many pages and posts as you need. BlogIn also lets you customize your experience by incorporating your company logo and lets you share files between team members. We managed to minimize setup and maintenance overhead so you can start posting just minutes after signup. You can completely forget about the technical side (we take care of that) and can focus on stuff that matters the most on any blog, the content.

Key features

Our team is eager to help you build a perfect internal blog and we want to partner up with you in creation of a great company.

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