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Improve internal communication
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How the internal blog improves
internal communication.

Share news and spread knowledge

Share internal
news and knowledge

Keep everyone up-to-date by sharing internal news, reports, events, project updates, and internal company knowledge. Group and categorize relevant information into a single post and allow instant access and feedback from your team.
Create a more connected workspace

Create a more
connected workspace

The internal blog quickly becomes a digital storeroom of your company's knowledge, achievements and work history. It helps newcomers onboard faster while keeping the veterans up-to-date. BlogIn creates a more connected workspace and a timeline of your collective experience.
Keep everyone on the same page

Boost your internal
communication strategy

Remove the barriers between departments or teams on different geographical locations. A centralized, transparent, two-way internal communication channel keeps everyone on the same page and helps everyone make faster and smarter decisions.
Slack is awesome, but...

Slack is
awesome, but...

... it’s not meant to be used for storing long-form content. Make no mistake, we love Slack (for which we have an extension) but it is more of a digital version of the by-the-vending machine conversations. BlogIn, however, allows you to store and share long-form and long-impact knowledge.

Intuitive and easy to use,
with powerful features.

BlogIn is beautifully simple and easy to use, but it's equipped with all the features you'll need to run an efficient internal communication platform.

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Unlimited users and teams

users and teams

Invite as many users as you want, there's room for everyone. Also unlimited posts, pages, categories, and document upload. No limits, really.
E-mail and desktop notifications

E-mail and
push notifications

Receive email and push notifications for all types of post / comment activity. Or customize notifications to receive just the events you choose.
Google & Slack sign in

Google & Slack sign in

Allow users to sign in and access the blog with their existing Google or Slack accounts. No need to remember one more password.
Create custom user groups

user groups

If you want, you can group users into teams and tailor notifications for each team separately. This feature is optional.
Integrate with other services

with other services

Keep all BlogIn users informed on Slack or Google Chat. Or, use Zapier to sync to 600+ third-party apps and services.
Your company’s Wiki

company’s Wiki

Wiki posts allow all members to contribute to the repository of company knowledge that all current and future employees can learn from.

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