Terms and Conditions

Features of BlogIn

BlogIn is constantly innovating. You agree that the features of BlogIn can change or cease (temporarily) without prior notice to you. You are at all times allowed to stop using the features of BlogIn and terminate the account as regulated in these Terms of Conditions.


All payments are handled through our authorized retailer (FastSpring.com). Please take note that your membership will automatically renew at the end of your subscription period, by our authorized retailer (FastSpring.com) if your membership is still active.

Free Trial Period

Your 14-day free trial starts when you first login to BlogIn. At the end of this trial period, you will need to upgrade to a paying account in order to continue using BlogIn. You can cancel your paying account at any time. We shall email you 7 days before and 1 day before the trial ends to remind you. At that point, you can upgrade to a paying account or just let the trial expire. If you let the trial expire, we, as BlogIn, will automatically delete your account and all data after a 30 day grace period.


If you wish to cancel your membership (i.e. you would not like to extend it with a similar extension to your existing one), then you need to notify us via e-mail (info@blogin.co) at least 7 days prior to the end of your membership, requesting such a cancellation. After membership cancellation we, as BlogIn, will automatically delete your account and all data after a 30 day grace period.


When creating a BlogIn account you shall provide correct and complete information. You should immediately advise BlogIn of any violation of the security or of improper use of your BlogIn account, of which you have become aware. You declare to be an adult or acting with prior (parental) permission of those responsible for you and that you are the sole responsible person for all activities that take place on your account.

Content Policy

You agree that the information you post fits within this content policy. Please respect intellectual property rights. Only upload data made by yourself or in respect of which you have a user license. In case of any doubt you should refrain from using the data. Everyone dislikes spam. Do not make any misleading descriptions and titles to make sure that your information is viewed more often.

Refund Policy

If you are not 100% satisfied with BlogIn service, within 30 days from the payment date, we will refund the cost of your last payment.