So, why your business needs an internal blog?

Wouldn’t life be much easier if only there were no long-tail email conversations? You start your day by trying to figure out who wrote what, where’s the beginning and what ended that discussion and started a new one. Imagine that every first email was a single text and replies were comments left below that text. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Share awesome news with your team

Whether there are some new employees, new company partners or some great new contract you have, this is the best way to share that news with your team. A single post, with as many comments as you want, instead of hundreds of emails and notifications.

Sometimes you want to keep your employees with up-to-date information that’s important, but not important enough for a meeting. Instead of writing another email, just write a blog post – they will see it when they have time, and not be interrupted by another email notification.

Archive company expertise

When someone decides to change the company they’re working for, usually, the biggest problem that’s left behind for a previous company is the knowledge and experience they’re taking away with them.

An internal blog can and will encourage your employees to share their knowledge and expertise, creating a permanent and searchable archive. Your employees may leave the job, but their knowledge stays.

Also, anyone new to your team can easily search for topics and get on track much more efficiently and faster than without the company’s internal blog.

You probably insist on achieving open discussion and collaboration, but that is not as easy as it seems to be. Employees may be shy or may not like to confront collaborators when sitting face-to-face with them. But, people tend to write more freely than they would speak, and this is a great opportunity for having discussions.

Boost company culture

Internal communication through blog posts can connect employees across department lines.

Build your internal blog community like every other community: fulfill their needs by regularly posting relevant and engaging content and watch as it becomes stronger.

Would it be a great fit for your organization? Let us know in the comments and receive a 10% discount on your first year of BlogIn.

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