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Here Are 5 Essential Ingredients for an Organized and Productive Remote Team

Remote work is the new normal in the present-day workplace and, over time, it has become essential to the success of many businesses. Yet, due to the lack of physical proximity of shared workspace, remote work poses a number of unique challenges not present in the traditional workplace. While contemporary businesses have embraced remote work en mass, they were and remain required to address their specific requirements.  This is why the key to a successful remote team lies in understanding what’s different and what needs to be done about it.

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Reducing Gender Gap in the Workplace Through Better Internal Communication

Communication in the workplace is always a delicate issue. The tidal wave of the #MeToo movement has brought the focus back to the issue of disparity in the professional status of men and women, reassessing the need for a more inclusive and democratic workplace. In order to reach this goal, we must take a look at our own communication patterns and check whether they enable and encourage a truly inclusive working environment.

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Best Podcasts on Corporate Communications We Listened to in 2018

The podcast landscape in 2018 is as almost broad and diverse as the internet itself. The possibilities of modern communications technology have given a platform to a wide variety of voices. Of course, it would be unfair to talk about podcasts as vehicles of internal communication without highlighting those ones that, in our humble opinion, do a great job of discussing subjects within and close to spheres of our interest in a smart and often illuminating manner.

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How to Navigate the Business Challenges of the Holiday Season

Communication software such as an intranet or an internal company blog can help inform, inquire, engage, and organize various season-specific activities. This is particularly important for remote teams with only electronic means of communication at their disposal. Whether to organize vacation days, highlight individual achievements, or simply spread some holiday cheer, a well structured internal platform can be of great help.

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